About Me

Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror are my specialties

Still with me? Great! Let me tell you a little about myself.

When I was about twelve years old, I read the book ‘Eragon’, and it changed my whole outlook on life.

I say this not because it’s a fantastic book and an absolute must read, but because of the ‘About the Author’ section in the back. It told me something that I found harder to believe than any part of the fantastical world in the book. It told me that Paolini had written this book when he was just fifteen years old. And he lived in Montana! I lived in rural Alberta, so I figured we were similar in that way.

I decided then that I was going to be a writer. That I would make my living by crafting stories of worlds like Alagaesia and characters like Roran. If he could do it at so young an age, why not I?

I scribbled up some notebooks with characters for my epic quests and then I got sidetracked with hockey, part-time jobs, schooling and girls. The notebooks were lost in a move, or maybe they were trashed, but they disappeared and my dreams became dormant.

A few years later, and settled in a new town, I decided to give it another go. I wrote a novel (probably more like a novella if I’m being honest) called, ‘Hello, My name is Scotty’ and it was the worst piece of garbage I’ve ever seen in my life. I abandoned that project and started several others (one was about a wendigo) that withered and died before I made it through the first couple of chapters.

After that, I left for college in the city, married my high school sweet heart, performed well at my jobs and then we had a daughter. We live back in that same small town where we started, and on the cusp of my thirtieth birthday, I realized something was missing.

I was working from home while also watching our toddler, and one day, completely overwhelmed with life, I decided to draw a stupid little monkey that I had made up when I was a kid named Hector, and put him in a story book for my daughter.

I finished my daughter’s book, ‘Hector is TOO Busy’, in a few weeks, and in doing so, I reignited that flame that I had not realized was still burning. Like any good pilot light, it had remained on, so when the time came and the inspiration was there, the furnace could burn hot.

Since then, I’ve had five short stories published in anthologies, and have drafted my novel, ‘Into the Grey’.